Lebanon learning experience
Capacity building tour for the site coordinators in Jordan

5 December 2003

par Web Team


In a joint collaboration between RSCN, the Hans Seidel Foundation, and SPNL a large number of people, including the MWC site coordinators, members from different NGOs and reserves and ecotour operators in Lebanon went on a capacity building tour to the protected areas in Jordan from the 28th of October until the 3rd of November. The main objective of the tour was to learn about the Jordanian experience in ecotourism, reserve management and fund generation for the sustainability of the protected areas.

(JPEG) The locations visited were Dana, Azrak, Wadi Rum, Shoumari and Moujeb. Visits were also undertaken to the Jordanian Ministry of Environment, NGOs and local governments.

The trip was a very good learning experience for the participants.

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