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Management of Protected Areas in the Mediterranean
Assessment and Opportunities of Networks and Action Plans

31 October 2003

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In an effort to reinforce regional initiatives for the conservation and rational use of protected areas in the Mediterranean, the IUCN - Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation organised a Regional Conference in Murcia, Spain (March 26-30, 2003). The Conference revisited regional initiatives and partnerships that are relevant to the management of protected areas in the Mediterranean; it identified synergies and opportunities for integrated action, and discussed a common Mediterranean vision to be carried from the Meeting to the World Parks Congress in Durban 2003.

Several initiatives of Mediterranean significance have developed a wide range of strategies: Declarations, Conventions, and regional programmes, action plans and related networks. However, a thorough overview of these initiatives is not available for the identification of gaps, synergies, and further needs of the Mediterranean region in this arena.

This paper intends to review the plans and networks for protected areas in the Mediterranean region. It will focus on the management and institutional weaknesses, strengths, gaps and synergies, trying to highlight those areas where further work is needed. It seeks to review on what has been done rather than on forward looking plans.

With this purpose this paper is organised as follows:
-  Part 1. Introductory remarks and methods, together with a rapid overview of natural values and conservation problems in the region.
-  Part 2. Overview of the status of protected areas, and a revision of the main gaps and needs, as based on the information from regional assessments and Experts’ Meetings.
-  Part 3. Assessment of the main regional networks of protected areas, their action plans and status of implementation, in relation to the weaknesses previously found.
-  Part 4. Identification of the main gaps and needs in action, and preliminary conclusions on best opportunities to create synergies, between existing plans and networks, along the four priority streams for Durban 2003:
-  Links with the Landscape/Seascape.
-  New ways of working together (Governance).
-  New Skills for the New Century (Training, Capacity Building).
-  Gaps in the system, financial needs, management effectiveness.

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