Status and description of the MedWetCoast Site in Tunisia

November 2000

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-  El Haouaria, Zembra and Zembretta isles : El Houaria is a Nature reserve. Zembra and Zembreta isles are national Parks and Biosphere reserves. No legal protection status for El Haouaria. Surface area of 1362 ha which includes : El Haouaria area of beaches and cliffs (97 0 ha), Zembra and Zembretta islands (392 ha).
-  Dar Chichou, Oued Abid : 100 ha of Dar Chichou forest are a Nature Reserve. No legal protection status. 6350 ha composed of sand dunes, wetlands and forest area.
-  Lagoons conglomeration in Kelibia including Korba Lagoon : No legal protection status. 1500ha which is mainly a string of littoral lagoons, Korba lagoon is the only one not drying in summer.


-  El Haouaria, Zembra and Zembretta isles : Limited pressure at the current stage. Growing visitor pressure. Pressure on existing resources due to over-grazing, hunting and bird catching.
-  Dar Chichou, Oued Abid : Pollution from agricultural activities - Over- pumping of water. Impact on resources from hunting, over-grazing... Tourism and urban development. Coastal dune erosion.
-  Lagoons conglomeration in Kelibia including Korba Lagoon : Disturbances in hydrological balance. Inflow of domestic and industrial solid and liquid waste. Urban development spreading towards sensitive areas . Coastal dune erosion. Hunting.

MedWetCoast Protected Areas


  1. Ensure legal protection status of site,
  2. Establish participatory management structures at local level,
  3. Divert threats away from sensitive areas,
  4. Regulation enforcement and wardening at sites level,
  5. Intersectoral planning,
  6. Establish pilot operations with local people,
  7. Ensure compatibility with biodiversity conservation.

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