Status and description of the MedWetCoast Site in Albania

21 October 2000

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(JPEG) Status of Narta Lagoon

-  No legal protection status for Narta lagoon
-  2 Pine forests surrounding lagoon are Managed Nature Reserves
-  Area 10000 ha which include mainly : * forests : 2000 ha, * wetlands : 5000 ha, * beaches : 500 ha, * other : 2500 ha

-  Disturbance in hydrological balance due to limited exchange with the sea and disruption of water inflow into the lagoon
-  Sewage discharge into lagoon
-  Unplanned tourism and development activities
-  Unplanned economic activities on lagoon including hunting and fishing

(JPEG) Status of Llogara mountain, Karaburun peninsula, Sazani island, Orikumi Lagoon

-  Llogara is a National Park and Important Bird Area
-  Karaburun is a Managed Nature Reserve
-  No legal protection status for Orikumi lagoon
-  Area 25000 ha which includes mainly : * Llogara mountain : 1010ha * Karaburun peninsula : 20000 ha *Orikumi lagoon :130ha * Other : Sazani island

-  Extensive pressure on Orikumi resources
-  Drainage of Orikumi catchment area
-  Destruction of vegetative cover in Karaburun
-  Harmful exploitation of forest resources— Unplanned tourism in Karaburun

Sites Protection through management planning

-  Ensure legal protection status of site.
-  Establish participatory management structures at local level.
-  Divert threats away from sensitive areas.
-  Regulation enforcement and wardening at sites level.
-  Intersectoral planning.
-  Establish pilot operations with local people.
-  Ensure compatibility with biodiversity conservation.

Medwetcoast Protected areas

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