Challenges and perspectives of the project

23 October 2005

par Web Team

(JPEG) The MedWetCoast project aims at catalysing a sustainable mechanism for the conservation of wetlands and coastal areas at the level of the Mediterranean basin.

It operates for this purpose in close collaboration with existing regional activities, specifically the MedWet Initiative (the Ramsar Convention) and the Mediterranean Action Plan (the Barcelona Convention).

It also intends to establish operational links with the Mediterranean programmes of organizations such as the IUCN and the WWF.

Such synergies should allow to disseminate in all neighbouring countries the experience gained in the six countries involved in the project. The synergies should also allow to mobilize the extensive potential of knowledge, skills and action that exist within the different organizations.

In this part of the world where biodiversity stands among the richest and most threatened, MedWetCoast will thus actively contribute to conserve biodiversity and to "close the Mediterranean circle".

Web Team