MedWetCoast Project for conservation of Wetlands and Coastal Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Region MedWetCoast Project for conservation of Wetlands and Coastal Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Region
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  Sunday 21st of July 2019
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A website dedicated to advancing the policy and practice in capacity development in international cooperation
Thursday 15 January 2004 is an initiative of the European Centre for Development Policy Management with the aim to look at policy and practice of capacity development within international development cooperation.

With a focus on both the "why" of capacity development - fostering debate on policy questions - and the "how" of capacity development - learning from practical experiences in the field. aims to "unbundle" the complex of ideas and practices surrounding this term. In particular, it aims to encourage perspectives and experiences from the South, to provide ease of access to related materials and topics, and to promote a virtual platform for exchange.

Designed with development researchers, practitioners and decision-makers in primarily Africa and donor countries in mind, and drawing on publications, reports, viewpoints and experiences of individuals and organisations involved in capacity dvelopment work, offers a range of services to users: A quarterly "newsletter" comprising a welcome letter, guest contributions, selected bibliography and abstracts of current information;
-  A virtual library providing access to full text publications, stored in a database and supported by a search facility;
-  Hyperlinks to related websites, including a list of organisations active in the field of capacity building, and a regular update of relevant programmes and events.

To facilitate ease of access to information, material is organised around four main categories:
-  Policies and Issues in Debate - Why capacity building ?
-  By Institutional Grouping: civil society, government, private sector
-  By Sector: agriculture, water, urban development.....
-  By Tools and Methods: assessment, information, planning, evaluation.

Alternatively, information can be accessed via the Euforic search facility.

ECDPM invites all interested parties to join in this initiative, to contribute with comments, suggestions for articles and with material to be included in the database.

This website and the quarterly printed newsletter is compiled and edited by Volker Hauck, Senior Programme Officer, ECDPM - please address your questions, suggestions, comments to For general information, feed back, link requests, broken links or technical problems on this site, contact the webmaster, Judith den Hollander.

This website is both in french and english

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