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  Saturday 23rd of March 2019
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Medwetcoast Egyptian news letter, Third issues - Winter 2003
Wednesday 30 April 2003

Overview of the news letter :
-  Participation of the MedWetCoast project Manager Dr Essam El Badry at the 8th Conference of the Contrating Parties to the Ramsar Convention in Valencia - Spain;
-  Sustainable Development in Sharm : Within the project’s efforts for sustainable development, MedWetCoast took part in the first egyptian - international conference on ptotected area and sustainable development, held in Sharm El Sheikh, on 23 - 26 October 2002
-  Sustainable development in Zanranik : A medical convoy visits Zaranik; MedWetCoast Egypt invests LE 20 000, saves LE 500 000;
-  Women of Omayed reap the fruits of their success : Within the framework of female integration in sustainable development, a celebration was held in Omayed in mid-july 2002, which women who have successfully compled, the female illiteracy eradication program were honored;
-  A spiky inhabitant in Omayed : The desert Hedgehog is a member of family Erinaceida, order insectivora...
-  Dr Magda Ghoneim, a women pioneer in sustainable development : A Caireene woman traveling thousands of miles to reach bedouin villages where she is warmly welcomed by the bedouins .../...

-  Download a Pdf file of the MedwetCoast Egyptian News letter; 280 ko

Nota : this newsletter is available in arabic. Please contact Injy Galal, the editor, for an hard copy of the document.

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