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  Thursday 22nd of August 2019
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Mediterranean conference : Towards a Mediterranean Initiative for the Rational Use of Natural Areas
Thursday 27 March 2003

IUCN Event : Murcia, Spain, 26-30 March 2003.
The objectives of this conference will be elaborated through four separate workshops, tackling different streams relevant to protected areas management in the Mediterranean.
All of these streams correspond to the workshop streams of the Word Park Congress that will be held next September in Durban.

From Murcia to Durban

There are several initiatives around the Mediterranean dealing with protected areas management and wise use of natural resources, and most of these initiatives have elaborated action plans aiming at the sustainable management of protected areas. Therefore, the general objective of this conference is to:
-  Revisit and reinforce regional initiatives and partnerships that are relevant to management of reserves and natural areas in the Mediterranean;
-  Identify synergies, challenges and opportunities for integrated management of natural areas around the Mediterranean;
-  Present a common Mediterranean vision to be carried from Murcia to the World Parks Congress in Durban ;
-  Elaborate common strategies and future steps for the rational use of natural areas in the Mediterranean region;
-  Provide a reference point for active policies to be implemented after the Durban World Parks Congress. Prior to this Murcia conference, the IUCN Office for Mediterranean Cooperation has programmed several initiatives as preparatory work for the Durban World Parks Congress, which is to be held in September 2003 (WPC 2003). ENGLISH, FRENCH

The purpose of these initiatives was to identify the relevance of the Durban workshop streams for the Mediterranean region. Towards that end, preliminary priorities have been identified for the Mediterranean and consultation work with several partners initiated through different workshops.

See online : IUCN Center for Mediterranean Cooperation

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