MedWetCoast Project for conservation of Wetlands and Coastal Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Region MedWetCoast Project for conservation of Wetlands and Coastal Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Region
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  Sunday 31st of May 2020
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Wetland study
Geological evolution analysis of Lake Burullus
October 2001, by Web Team

Lake Burullus is the second largest Egyptian coastal lake. It occupies a central position along the Mediterranean coast. It has an irregular elongated shape and connects to the sea by a narrow passage called Al Burg inlet (Fig. 1.), and is separated from it by a long curving sand barrier. The lake covers an area of about 410 Km2 with average length of 47 Km and about Km14 width is very important for fish production as well as is often inhabited by mixed stands of submerged aquatic vascular plants covered with fine grained sediments (mud) .The eastern and southern borders of the lake are characterized by their irregularity and are surrounded by agricultural land and fish farms. However, the southern shore of the lake is mostly low, flat and marked by some marshes and swamps. It has considerably changed since 1800 having moved 10-12 Km northwards. Huge amount of drainage water enters the lake at the southern coast by several drains, causing dilution of water and a rise in the lake level above sea level.

It would appear that the conditions in Lake Burullus are slightly affected by its connection with the Mediterranean Sea. Geomorphology and air photographs in 1956 of the area South Lake Burullus indicate the existence of ancient river channels possibly still used as canals. The position of these ancient river channels( Sebennetic )is confirmed by archeological findings along these channels as well as by historical description [Misdorp and Sestini ,1976;Toussoun1922,And Unesco ,DTP,1973] ...

-  Final Date Repot Presented By DR. Gehan Mostafa Mansour El Bayomi

Geological study report
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