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Online courses wetland and river basin management March 2006
Tuesday 31 January 2006, by Web Team

March 1st 2006 is the next starting date of two online courses that UNESCO-IHE and the Partnership of Water Education and Research (PoWER) are jointly offering.

Online course on Wetland Management

Online course on Integrated River Basin Management

Both courses are based upon training material used in various formats, settings and regions and were offered in online form successfully in 2005. They are targeted at professionals who do not have the time to take a course that lasts several weeks abroad, who like to combine education with daily work and have the possibility to directly apply acquired knowledge and skills. Based on feedback from last year’s participants, we have adapted the 2006 courses to answer even better the needs of the online learner.

Online course Wetlands for Water Quality

This course is targeted at professionals interested in the management of natural and constructed wetlands for the treatment of wastewater.

More detailed Information about these courses is available on the UNESCO-IHE website ( where you can also find information about other online courses available. You can also contact Anne van Dam (coordinator online course Wetlands Management), Wim Douven (coordinator online course IRBM) or Hans van Bruggen (coordinator online course Wetlands for Water Quality).

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