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MWC Albania: Beginners Seminar in Wetland Inventory using Information Systems, Tirana, Albania, June 1, 2005
Tuesday 12 July 2005, by Violeta Zuna, Eno Dodbiba

The Beginners training seminar in "Wetland Inventory using Information Systems" was organised by the Greek Biotope-Wetland Centre (EKBY) in cooperation with Environmental Centre for Administration and Technology (ECAT) in the frame of the Life Third-Countries ALWET Project and also with the MedWetCoast project.


It took place in premises of the Institute of Applied Mathematics (INIMA), in Tirana, Albania lasting for one week (1-7 June 2005).

The role and assistance of MWC, subject to the national training program updated just last year, in order to link efforts with all other local organizations active in wetland conservation and management issues, intended to complement resources in accomplishing the training course, enabling participation of local representatives from MWC sites while providing to EKBY team all relevant materials, data and information pertaining to Narta Site. Part of the training was a site visit in one of the MedWetCoast project site: Narta, which included field exercise on data collection using MedWet inventory forms, assisted by the MWC staff in Vlora City. The seminars are based on a training package created by EKBY within the ALWET Project.

It consisted of a training package and three training seminars. Their aim is to build capacities of scientists involved in nature conservation in order to advance their knowledge on wetland inventory using modern technology tools and managing digital data with databases and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The training was addressed at three groups of trainees, i.e. beginners, advanced and future trainers.

A particular assistance was provided by the MWC project during the site exercises whereby the participants applied the MedWet inventory method in selected sites using field data and remote sensing data. This site exercise was enabled due to extensive information and data shared with MWC project and also to expertise build in the MWC project.

The aim of this training activity was to:
-  build capacities on planning, implementation and use of wetland inventories,
-  acquire basic knowledge on wetland inventorying and data management with the use of databases, Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing tools, and
-  become acquainted with the application of the training package "Wetland Inventory using Information Systems".

Participants were awarded by granting the Certificate of Attendance. The specific of the training programme included: Module I: Wetland Inventory; (Basics on wetlands, introduction to Wetland Inventories, planning a Wetland Inventory, Wetland Inventory Implementation: The MedWet Inventory Method, Remote Sensing applications). Module II: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) [ Principles of GIS, Cartographic and GIS data structures, Introduction to ArcGIS, the map as a model of geographic data, creation of geographic data, map composition) Module III: Databases (Database definitions, database design, creating tables, creating queries, creating forms and reports, the MWD v.3 fundamentals)

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