MedWetCoast Project for conservation of Wetlands and Coastal Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Region MedWetCoast Project for conservation of Wetlands and Coastal Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Region
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  Saturday 06th of June 2020
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MedWetCoast Launching Workshop - Barcelona 12-15 October 1999
December 2000, by Web Team

In light of the fact that the MedWetCoast launching meeting came following a long formulation process which was initiated in 1994 and that the project was only recently signed by the various countries around September 1999, it was considered important to reflect the background and history of the project which was proposed in 1994 by TdV and CdL to the UNDP GEF unit of the RBAS and to the FFEM as a response to both institutional and technical assistance needs for the conservation of wetlands and coastal zones in the Mediterranean region.

As such the MedWetCoast project was elaborated to operate at two levels: national and regional. The project also benefits from various sources of financing, which include national Governments/Authority for the baseline activities, GEF and FFEM for the incremental costs.

Activities at the national level include mainly the management of 15 wetland and coastal sites, making a major local contribution to the sustainable development of wetlands and the coastal zone, and to the protection of significant threatened biodiversity of global importance. These sites will provide demonstration value, and the participating countries/authority have made a commitment to replicating similar activities at other coastal sites. At the national level, policy and legal work will address the root causes of the policy deficiencies, which have led to the present situation and provide an improved policy framework for future coastal and wetland management activities.

At the regional level, local institutions will be linked into the activities underway in the whole Mediterranean basin and will be able to benefit from knowledge and experience gained from addressing similar management issues elsewhere in the region. The various national groups involved in the project will have direct access to international networks and therefore to other experts, scientists or government staff working in other Mediterranean countries. The project also aims at promoting access to information and guidance on particular technical issues, which will assist national groups in implementing future biodiversity conservation measures.

The procedures for technical and administrative monitoring and reporting of the project were thoroughly presented and discussed by the project’s participants. The responsibilities, lines of reporting and accountability were closely detailed in light of the fact that all national components are nationally executed through the UNDP country offices (except in the case of UNDP PAPP which is executing the agency in this case), UNDP/GEF and FFEM (where applicable) regulations apply to all national components.

At the regional level, UNOPS is the executing agency of the regional component and will therefore apply UNOPS regulations as well as UNDP/GEF requirements in the implementation of this component. Tour du Valat is the implementing agency of the regional component and will closely coordinate with CdL, ATEN and other relevant national and regional organizations in the implementation process.

The meeting provided the opportunity to initiate the discussions of the regional and national work plans. The necessary preparations for launching the project both at national and regional level, including the initiation missions by the regional component were discussed. A common approach for the identification and implementation of national and regional activities was agreed upon, leading to clear and detailed yearly work plans and expenditure plans for all components.

MedWetCoast Launching Workshop
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