MedWetCoast Project for conservation of Wetlands and Coastal Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Region MedWetCoast Project for conservation of Wetlands and Coastal Ecosystems in the Mediterranean Region
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  Sunday 21st of July 2019
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Lebanon community development
First produce of the organic plot in Tyre Coast Nature Reserve is on the market
Friday 5 December 2003, by Web Team

As you were informed previously, the MedWetCoast Lebanon project had initiated a pilot project on organic farming. The purpose of the pilot project was to teach the farmers organic farming techniques. The promotion of organic farming has two objectives:
- Reduce the pollution of soil and water from agro-chemicals
- Promote farming techniques with added value since organic farming produce is in high demand and the marketing system that has been put in place by Healthy Basket of AUB our OF partner ensures direct delivery of the produce from the farmer to the consumer consequently cutting the "middle man" and getting better sale prices to the farmer. The consumer, however, will purchase the organic produce at almost the same price as conventional produce.

The pilot project was successful and the vegetables are in good condition for marketing. We have sold our first produce of lettuce. Healthy Basket is buying straight from the farmers at almost ten times the purchase price of conventionally grown lettuce and is able to sell to the consumer at almost the same price as conventional. Other vegetables that have been grown on the plot are: cabbage, broccoli, green beans...

The economic results achieved in the pilot project will be presented to the farmers in a joint session between MedWetCoast and Healthy Basket very soon.

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