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Reed Control in Burullus: Inter-Sectorial Cooperation
Friday 5 December 2003, by Web Team

Excessive reed growth in Lake Burullus due to the freshening of the Lake, is a problem negatively affecting ecological balance and fish resources in the lake. Therefore, as part of the Burullus management plan, the project laid down a plan for reed management and cropping.

Since one of the project’s goals is grass-root involvement (i.e.: involvement of the locals in managing their environment), the issue was a priority on the Executive Committee for Socio-Economic Development’s agenda. The committee is composed of experts alongside locals representing various local Non-Governmental Organizations NGOs s and Fishermen Cooperatives.

To fulfill another goal, which is income generation, it was agreed that the reed cropping will be undertaken by local NGOs. Moreover, it was agreed that local NGOs will submit offers, and the best offer with the lowest bid will be selected.

The best offer came from "El Rubea Charitable Society of Baltim," a local NGO, which offered to crop the reed for LE 588 per fedan. It also offered a monetary contribution of LE 10,000, provided it worked a total area of 100 fedans. Only one NGO, the "Ithar" accepted to amend its offer, to match "El Rubea’s".

Thus, it was agreed that both NGOs will work simultaneously in an experimental area of 20 fedans for each. After one month their work will be evaluated and final contracts will be drawn.

MedWetCoast-Egypt is looking forward to the success of this pioneer experiment. Its success set a perfect example of cooperation amongst governmental and non-governmental agencies, in fulfilling environmental and developmental goals. It will also lay the grounds for other NGOs to follow suit.

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