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Regional report
Report of the third Regional Advisory Committee
Wednesday 19 November 2003, by Web Team


(en français)

Based upon the discussions of the previous two days, the Regional Coordinator presented draft recommendations to the meeting for its consideration. These were reviewed and discussed.

As final recommendations, the meeting :

For follow up to the Mid Term Review:
- 1. Acknowledges the Mid Term Review report.
- 2. Invites the RCU to arrange for a translation of the executive summary and recommendations into French.
- 3. Recommends that the countries develop a practical country plan within the coming month to translate the recommendations of the MTR into the national workplan - RCU to circulate a reporting format for feedback for December 03.
- 4. Recommends to pursue the recommendations of the MTR in terms of sustainability of the national results and endorse the recommendations of the MTR in that regard.
- 5. Recommends to pursue the recommendations of the MTR in terms of sustainability of the regional functions through a) preparation of a draft exit strategy (first draft prepared by the RCU by end of January 2004) and b) consultation with national and regional partners to ’validate and operationalize’ it.
- 6. Recommends that the Government, as appropriate, prepares strong justification to request time extension to the GEF and FFEM for the respective national components, with the understanding that the request will have to be substantiated with accounts of the delivery and valid reasons for extension.
- 7. Recommends that, within the coming month, the national projects, as appropriate, revisit their LFA and budget to focus efforts and allocate resources that will correspond with agreed objectives and means (including towards community development work) and along a result-based approach.
- 8. Calls on national and regional components to put particular emphasis over the coming year on: community development, monitoring (of impacts), documenting experience, planning for sustainability, engaging in partnerships, enhancing multi-sectoral, multistakeholder and ecosystem integration, and resource mobilization.

For the structure and workplan of the RCU

- 9. Supports the new institutional arrangements of the RCU.
- 10. Takes note of the workplan as proposed by the RCU and as backed by the regional partners.
- 11. Agrees that countries would send feedback to the RCU within the next 10 days on the proposed regional intervention, also a) prioritizing the proposed regional activities with reference to their country needs and b) highlighting areas where the national component could collaborate with and/or contribute to.
- 12. Invites the RCU to engage into practical consultation with the regional partners in order to a) explore arrangements for collaboration on the implementation of specific agreed activities and b) identify opportunities for anchoring the project into the work and mandate of the regional programmes and institutions.
- 13. Endorses the recommendations of the MTR for the creation of the Steering Committee to the regional component with the addition of the UNEP MAP and encourages the Steering Committee to meet immediately after the RAC.

In addition, the meeting:

- 14. Welcomes the positive interventions and support from the regional partners, TdV, CdL, ATEN, MedWet, MAP and the RACs, and WWF (IUCN in absentia ...).
- 15. Makes a strong note that the funding partners are concerned with the low rate of delivery and disbursements of the components.
- 16. Encourages the countries to take an active lead in fostering horizontal networking and sharing.
- 17. Recommends that attention be given to developing the use of virtual network, whether for thematic issues or for regional coordination functions.

RAC3 Final report
PDF - 79.1 kb

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