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  Tuesday 23rd of July 2019
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Project initiative
Activity organized in 5 June 2003 - World Environment Day, by the Albanian MedWetCoast Project and the Ministry of Environment
Tuesday 29 July 2003, by Web Team

In Zverneci inland, assisted by the Education Directorate of Vlora Region, the World Environmental Day brings together the pupils of the artistic school "Naim Frasheri" of Vlora, and the pupils of Narta and Zverneci schools who singed and danced in the green area of the inland. The Band of the artistic school played several musical parts. There was opened an exhibition with nature paintings mainly with environmental themes prepared by the pupils of the Vlora artistic school. The participants were representatives from the Vlora institutions, Vlora Municipality, Narte and Novosela communes, NGO`s representatives, school students, the community of the Narta and Zverneci villages etc. The Minister of Environment and the Prefect of Vlora gave their greetings to the audience.

- There were placed different posters as:


- In the island entrance was put the streamer, which read: "5 June -World Environment Day ".

- The message of the General Secretary of the United Nations, Mr. Kofi Annan given on occasion of 5 June was provided to the participants.

- Mr. Shpetim Gjika, Prefect of Vlora District, after appreciating the tradition which is set up for the celebration of the 5 June from the Med Wet Coast Project, in Vlora the last 3 years, and the activities which are organized in Orikum and Vlora, drew the attention on a better commitment of the government bodies on the enforcement of the law on the illegal hunting and the illegal constructions, etc.

- A meeting was organized in Kusum Baba, Vlora hill, with the participation of the local authorities, representatives of OECD, World Vision, UNOPS located in Vlora, environmental NGO`s, representatives of the institutions, civil society, media, etc.

- A streamer which read: "5 June - World Environment Day" GEF/UNDP- Ministry of Environment" was put there. Exhibition with photos from the Projects MedWetCoast activities from the beginning and on going; several project materials: different brochures, which reflect the projects areas, the project brochures and newsletters etc.

- The Minister of Environment, Mr. Lufter Xhuveli focused its speech in the theme of 5 June - World Environment Day, the history of this date and its celebration in the world. The theme of this day for 2003 is water and Vlora is a city surrounded by waters. We should give the best example how to protect water and environment. This day should make the Albanian citizens aware on the conservation and protection of environment.

- Mrs. Violeta Zuna, Project Coordinator of the MedWetCoast Project had a brief presentation of the Project on its purpose, objectives, and up to now achievements and future goals.

- They highly appreciated the event organization, participation and discussed about environment issues of their city as the diminishing of green areas, the seawater pollution, urban and construction residues etc.

- Representatives of the civil society draw the attention to the Government for a greater commitment of the NGO`s in the environmental problems.

- The activity of June 5 was reflected in the central media (Top Channel, TVSH, Vizion Plus), local media (TV Amantia).

- At the same time Albanian Telegraphic Agency and some the newspapers reflected the activities organized on 5 June 2003.

-  Violeta Zuna, Project Manager - MedWetCoast Albania

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